Aino Eeronheimo at Galleria Fogga, Helsinki Oct 2020

Aino Eeronheimo is a ceramic artist and visual art teacher (MA). She is working at Studio Savea in Roihupelto Art Block, Helsinki Finland.

In the latter part of the 80’s she was focusing on metal graphics. The career took off promisingly until her home was destroyed in a fire in 1992. The printing press rusted from the extinguishing water and all the prints at home burned. The same autumn, she started her visual art teacher studies at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi. After graduating her MA, she worked as an art teacher in Rovaniemi for 18 years. In 2015–2017, she studied at Axxell, Espoo and graduated as a ceramic artisan. She resigned her job as a visual art teacher in 2016, after which she has focused on ceramics and artistic creation.

Eeronheimo has enjoyed the nature – wandering in the forests and swimming – since her childhood. The details of nature intertwine in her thoughts into stories: starring otters, imaginary fish, ringed seals and hares. She wants to create visual experiences that delight people amidst everyday life.

Three-dimensional form plays a key role in Eeronheimo’s artistic expression. She has sculpted ice, snow and wood, welded scrap metals, casted sculptures in concrete and plaster, used recycled materials, recycled glass, and made silver jewelery. Ceramics is the closest and most natural means of expression for her. Combustion techniques and the effect of chemical reactions on colors and patterns is a mysterious challenge to be solved. At the moment, Eeronheimo is most fascinated with wood fired ceramics.