Aino Eeronheimo is a ceramic artist and visual art teacher (MA). She is working at Studio Savea in Roihupelto Art Block, Helsinki Finland.

In the latter part of the 80’s she was focusing on metal graphics. The career took off promisingly until her home was destroyed in a fire in 1992. The printing press rusted from the extinguishing water and all the prints at home burned. The same autumn, she started her visual art teacher studies at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi.

After graduating her MA, she worked as an art teacher in Rovaniemi for 18 years. In 2015–2017, she studied at Axxell, Espoo and graduated as a ceramic artisan. She has been working as a full time artist since 2019 and has focused on ceramics and artistic creation in her own company Ainonia.



Aino Eeronheimo is a sculptor, ceramic artist and visual art teacher (M.A.). She has graduated from University of Lapland and has lived, studied and worked in Nothern Finland most of her life. She has been working as a full-time visual artist in Helsinki since 2019. 

”I have enjoyed nature since I was a child – have been hiking in the forests and making long swimming trips in the lake. Nature is the source of my inner strength and my resting place. There I can find the door to the world of imagination. With the help of art, I highlight the rights of the inner child and protect them.

The recurring themes of my sculptures are joy, connection with nature, and valuing diversity. The work can get its initial impulse from a wordplay, vision that pops up in my mind or some idea that arises from reflecting on phenomena in the world.

My artistic production has long been focused on the study of three-dimensional form. I use multiple modelling and firing techniques of ceramics and carve wood with hand and power tools. I’m constantly learning new skills to be able to use a wide variety of materials.”