Aino Eeronheimo

Aino Eeronheimo makes humorous and affectionate animal sculptures in the Roihupelto Art Quarter in Helsinki and teaches ceramics at Tuusula and Nurmijärvi colleges. He is a ceramic artist and visual arts teacher (TaM).

In the latter part of the 80’s Aino Eeronheimo focused on metal graphics. The career took off promisingly until her home was destroyed in a fire in 1992. The printing press rusted from the extinguishing water and all the prints at home burned. The same autumn, she started her art education studies at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi. After graduating her MA, she worked as an visual art teacher at Muurola Comprehensive School and Gymnasium in Rovaniemi for 18 years. She resigned her job in 2016 and graduated from Axxell, Espoo as a ceramic artisan 2017. Since then she has focused on ceramics and artistic creation. She founded a company and online store Ainonia in October 2019.


Aino Eeronheimo has enjoyed the nature since her childhood – wandering in the forests and swimming in crystal clear waters. The details of nature intertwine in her thoughts into stories: starring otters, imaginary fish, ringed seals and hares. She wants to create visual experiences that delight people amidst everyday life.

Although some figurative animal sculptures are based on realistic photographs, their formal language is freely stylized. Fishes are brought forth merely by imagination and word plays. Identification with animals is natural; after all, we have the same basic needs – drink, food, heat and fellow members of species. The complexity and confusion of life fades away for a moment when watching animals.

Three-dimensional form plays a key role in Aino Eeronheimo’s artistic expression. She has sculpted ice, snow and wood, welded scrap metals, casted sculptures in concrete and plaster, fused recycled glass, and made silver jewellery. Ceramics is the closest and most natural means of expression for her. Firing techniques and the effect of chemical reactions on colors and patterns is an inspiring field of research with enough challengefor the rest of one’s life. At the moment, she is most fascinated with wood fired ceramics.